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Quartz lamp tube

Heraeus single-step tubes are high purity, high transmittance and high temperature clear fused quartz tubes with a low hydroxyl (OH) -content for high volume applications. Available in a full range of sizes, electrically fused quartz tubes have excellent visual, thermal and mechanical properties. Electrically fused quartz tubes are economically priced but nevertheless of high quality regarding bubble class, impurity content and geometrical tolerances.

Heraeus multi-step tubes are developed for special applications where very high quality, regarding homogeneity, bubbles and inclusions is required.
The tubes are pulled without the use of a die or mandrel. Therefore the tubes are nearly free pf defect at the surface and contain no airlines, a very low bubble content and a high homogeneity.
Due to our multi-step production process these tubes are available in a practically unlimited range of diameters
(3 – 350 mm) and diameter / wall combinations.
The tubes are available in small batch quantities starting with 10 kg and flexible lead times.
Profiled tubes are available on customer request in various shapes, e.g.:
  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • Hexagonal
The size of rectangular tubes is limited by the maximum diagonal of not more than 60 mm and the maximum ratio of 1:5 (height: width).
Heraeus is able to produce profiled tubes out of all in-house manufactured quartz glass grades.